The Canine Touch


BERT (by Jo Fernandes)

Bert, a 6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was brought to me after he had kidney problems, blood in his urine, which also had a strong smell. He was constipated and his coat was very dull, eyes very sad and quite ‘floppy’ as he was unable to hold himself up. Apparently the vet told them that he was not responding to treatment and recommended to the owners to have him put down, but they, having heard of CT from one of my other clients, whose poodle I had worked on, suggested they try me before taking this drastic step. Having made contact with Bert while he lay on his side, I started with the spinal procedures, starting by the ears and working slowly and lightly down both sides of the spine towards the tail. I felt a tightness in the shoulders and some ‘hot spots’ around the kidney area and a lack of energy as I approached the pelvic area. I then proceeded with the dynamic body balance, TMJ and neck procedures, abdominal and pelvic and finally with the forearm and hind leg stretches, adapting all these as best as I could to accommodate the dog’s inability to move. I left him on the table for a few minutes to process the work, but before long he tried to pull himself up. I asked the owner to get him off the couch onto the floor, which she did and she decided to take him home shortly after that. I requested she bring him back in a week’s time, but she should also ring me the next day to see how he was through the evening and night. A delighted owner phoned me the next day to report that she had got her lively dog back. She was amazed how he changed, he managed to get onto his feet and walk to his bowl to drink some water when they arrived home. I arranged two more sessions, each a week apart just to make sure he was sound. When I saw him a week later, he was all over me, a totally different dog, alert with a shiny coat. During this and the last session, I also addressed other areas of concern, forearm and hind leg procedures, and the Logan basic. The photographs were taken after his last visit.