The Canine Touch



I have two blue roan cocker spaniels called Dexter and Polly. Dexter is 3 years old and Polly is 5 – Polly is Dexter’s mum.

My daughter competes with Dexter in Junior Handling Classes and we were having trouble with him varying from ‘not right’ to lame on a fairly regular bases. Our veterinary practice referred us to Emma Overend. On Emma’s examination it became apparent that he had multiple problems not just with his neck and spine but other areas as well. Emma treated Dexter – which he enjoyed VERY much – and by his second visit many of his initial problems were resolved and just the core areas required extra work.

Polly had presented severe lameness over Christmas after getting up from rest/sleep and Emma found problems with her pelvis. I am pleased to say after just one visit she is no longer lame.

We will continue to visit Emma periodically to keep everything ‘ticking over’.

Thank you Elaine