The Canine Touch

Hosting Canine Touch Clinic

Our priority is to bring the Canine Touch modality to as many people as possible, at convenient dates and in convenient locations. Sometimes our currently scheduled classes may be still too far for you to travel or at time that is not suitable for you. Hosting a CT class means that one of our CT Instructors will come to you, your friends and into your area, which allows you to study the modality in a “home” environment, without the hassle of re-organising your life to leave your home for longer time.

What you will need to do is to talk to the Admin in your country, who will check which individual instructor is based closest to your area; if you have already chosen one of our instructors, you can contact her directly to discuss the conditions of how you can logistically make the class happen.

What you need:

1. Suitable facility:

– Teaching/working area: ¬† Canine Touch learning is taught in a “class situation” so there is need for a suitable area, which will provide comfortable environment for students and dogs. We prefer to work in a closed space but there should be enough space outside for dogs to have breaks during the class.

– Meeting area: our class breaks are “social events” and we like our students (if they wish) to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and share their stories and experiences. This meeting area can be part of the teaching class or it can be an individual room close by.

– Toilet facilities: should be easily available from the teaching and working area.

2. Circle of the friends/acquaintances who will make the commitment to attend the class.

Our CT classes are design for optimum 6-8 people. Talk to our Instructor to discuss all the details regarding the number of students and their fee payment.

3. Dogs:  Students can bring their own dog(s). According to each individual country or state, dogs attending CT seminars have to have all the mandatory vaccinations or tests performed. Owners will need to bring a leash, drinking bowl and of course blanket/mat/cushion to be able to practice the newly learned procedures in comfort and safety.