The Canine Touch

Canine Touch Practitioner Route

This robust, dedicated training program was developed for students who wish to use CT at a professional level.

Completing the practical levels will give them the skills to perform the Canine Touch and attending the special theory modules will provide them with the knowledge needed to practice the Canine Touch technique at the highest standard.

In the Theory Module 1 students will learn about common dog’s disease and also important safety information as a human can be a vector for spreading the disease from dog to dog. Health concern will be raised in lectures about diseases transmitted between dogs and human.

All students on the Practitioner route will need to prove their skills and knowledge on assessments, that are placed between the levels and also at the end of the study, when every student will be assessed practically before they can be certified as a Canine Touch Practitioner.

Their home studies include answering theory questions related to the Canine Touch modality, Anatomy & Physiology and are required to collect dog assessments and case studies.

After passing all the requirements and tests the students will receive their Canine Touch Practitioner Diploma.





UK adopted this educational system: