The Canine Touch


SASHA (by Jo Fernandes)

Sasha – an eight year old Yorkie was the first very dramatic effect of Canine Touch that I had experienced.  She had been having terrible problems with her teeth and had several visits to her vet in connection with these. By a strange co-incidence I was introduced to one of her owners by a mutual friend who received VHT who thought that I may be able to help Sasha. At that point Sasha was not eating, nor drinking and extremely weak. She was also due to have surgery to remove some of her teeth at a cost of £8,000. The lady’s husband was not too keen for me to even touch the dog, let alone apply Canine Touch. However, after being persuaded by his wife I got a few minutes with her. I started with lower back procedures, which she willingly allowed me to perform and continued with the lateral moves on the back , the lats, rhomboid and pectorals and finally proceeded with the TMJ procedure, performing a few moves along the mandibular and maxillary, which she seemed to like. At this point the husband came to collect the dog from me, so I had to step away and simply accept that whatever CT Sasha had received would benefit her in some way. To my surprise, a couple of days later I heard through the grapevine that the wife was singing my praises to all her friends, something to the effect that I performed a miracle on Sasha. Apparently after I left, she began to eat and drink, and furthermore didn’t need any other dental work. Months later I did get an acknowledgement from the husband saying ‘I don’t know how you did it’.