The Canine Touch

Dog Owners Route

This route is dedicated to dog owners, who wish to practice only on their own pets. They can study all CT levels and they can also enrol into the Theory modules to broaden their knowledge but they do not need to sit any assessments or exams.  They will not be allowed to call themselves CT Practitioner©.

After finishing the CT Level 1 practical class, the owner would already be able to offer a Dynamic Body Balance to help their own dogs. There is no need to wait for the next level to be able to work on their own dogs as the Level 1 class will have given them enough tools to help balance their dog’s body.

Dynamic Body Balancing is easy to perform, and can be part of the weekly tune-up session for their pet. Especially if they have an active dog – they play, they run and they jump – and they are wrecked afterwards! Simple and gentle balancing sessions can help with little issues before they become a larger problem.

The Spinal Procedures are very powerful techniques, helping to relax all the spinal muscles and with it there may be the possibility of stimulating the peripheral nerves running from the spine to the rest of the body. A nice bonus from 5 minute session!

In Practical Level 2 the dog owner can learn more Areas of Concern, these can be used on their own dogs when they are prone to certain issues such as repetitive overworking of certain body parts or having tendency of being sore in one spot due to old injuries.

CT may be used on all breeds and dogs of all age.